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Test time next Tuesday – March 15


Yes, test time is approaching fast. Please review all work in Chapters 1 and 2 from your text. I will handout a practice test during class tomorrow. Topics in test include: percentages–>fractions–>decimals; simplifying ratios; finding quantities with ratios; changing quantities (to equal the same type); ratios of areas and volumes, etc.

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Classwork continues…


We are working through pages 12, 13, 14 and 15¬†from the Homework Book. If you run out of time for homework just do a selection from each section and check with me the next period. In other words, I am looking for regular revision of around 20-30min each night. Some students will do more than […]

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Ratios are really useful


We are on to Chapter 2, titled Ratios. The pyramid at Giza has some amazing mathematical properties and was probably constructed to scale using ratios from a model or sketch (I showed how this works in class). Last period we learned how to simplify ratios and also how to use the cool ratio method that […]

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