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Classwork continues…


We are working through pages 12, 13, 14 and 15¬†from the Homework Book. If you run out of time for homework just do a selection from each section and check with me the next period. In other words, I am looking for regular revision of around 20-30min each night. Some students will do more than others, but that’s OK. The most important thing is for you to revise the work done in class and homework is designed to re-ignite your brain cells!

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NCEA Level 2 Algebra Problem. Using the information given, the shaded area = 9, that is:
y(y-8) = 9 –> y.y – 8y – 9 =0
–> (y-9)(y+1) = 0, therefore y = 9 (can’t have a distance of – 1 for the other solution for y)
Using the top and bottom of the rectangle,
x = (y-8)(y+2) = (9-8)(9+2) = 11
but, the left side = (x-4) = 11-4 = 7, but rhs = y+? = 9+?, which is greater than the value of the opp. side??
[I think that the left had side was a mistake and should have read (x+4)?]

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