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3 Principles of Mathematics


Mathematics is true: students know this, since there’s always a correct answer.
The philosophers ask, “What is truth?” but the mathematician replies “Mathematics is Truth.”

Mathematics is orderly: Algebra requires arithmetic, Trigonometry requires algebra, Geometry requires both.

Mathematics teaches us about infinity: For any number, no matter how big, you can always find a bigger number by adding one. Likewise, no matter how small a decimal or fraction is, you can always find a smaller number by dividing it in half. Infinity is also involved in repeating decimals, sequences, series, and geometry (lines extend infinitely). Infinity gets even more attention in calculus (limits) and sizes of sets (cardinality). Of the liberal arts, Mathematics delights in teaching us about infinity – that is, teaches us about something that is bigger than ourselves. [Ed: Incidentally, the God of the Bible is infinite (Psalm 147:5)]


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