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Putting a spring into your Math journey


If your class did well on their last math test, does that mean you are a smart class, or does it mean that the test was easy? Well, that might not be easy to answer, but here is a video that will explain how forces work with springs, and that might put a spring in […]

Girls = Boys in Math, at least in the early years


There’s new evidence that girls start out with the same math abilities as boys (source: npr.org). A study of 104 children from ages 3 to 10 found similar patterns of brain activity in boys and girls as they engaged in basic math tasks, researchers reported Friday in the journal Science of Learning. “They are indistinguishable,” […]

Reflecting on Pi


Learn more about Reflection here!

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A Tale of 21 Cities – H3 on Tour


In what turned out to be a traveling whirlwind, H3 recently completed a world tour in 78 days. Here are the numbers: 13 flights, 5 trains, 3 cars, 1 bus 21 main cities, including: Auckland, San Fancisco, Seattle, London, Brussels, Rome, Florence, Venice, Trieste, Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnick, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Montpellier, Cannes, Dubai, Perth, […]

Galloping galaxies – Pt II


The universe doesn’t look right. It suddenly looks . . . out of whack. The universe is unimaginably big, and it keeps getting bigger. But astronomers cannot agree on how quickly it is growing – and the more they study the problem, the more they disagree. Some scientists call this a “crisis” in cosmology. A […]

Phew – a 1000 posts!


A milestone of sorts – H3 has completed a thousand posts. Just over 10 years and some 33,000 views later, it does seem significant that this number has been reached. Thank you all for following H3, however briefly, and our hope is that you have found many useful connections between Mathematics in the classroom and […]

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Superposition and the Quantum Race


The Wisdom of Earl


H3 was enjoying meeting up with Earl in Montana. Montana is Big Sky country and Earl has a big heart for helping students with their math – which is the subject we naturally focused on after a while (there was hay to feed to the horses and some garden crops to pick first). I mentioned […]

Branch out with some Fractals


Breathe. As your lungs expand, air fills 500 million tiny alveoli, each a fraction of a millimeter across. As you exhale, these millions of tiny breaths merge effortlessly through larger and larger airways into one ultimate breath.┬áThese airways are fractal. Fractals are a mathematical tool for describing objects with detail at every scale. Mathematicians and […]

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Be a Number Wizz with Scott Flansburg


Where did we get our number system from? Watch Scott Flansburg amaze with his addition skills and be equally transformed as he explains that our number system is based on angles. Yes, Trigonometry is the foundation of Number, or is Number the foundation of Trigonometry? Are you getting confused? Find out more in this video, […]

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