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Software to the Max


The Boeing 737 Max Part II – Software design without safety: “It is astounding that no one who wrote the MCAS software for the 737 Max seems even to have raised the possibility of using multiple inputs, including the opposite angle-of-attack sensor, in the computer’s determination of an impending stall. As a lifetime member of […]

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Notre Dame – Mathematics on Fire?


A very sad moment when we heard yesterday that Notre Dame cathedral was ablaze in Paris. H3 visited this amazing Gothic cathedral just a few years ago and the soaring roof detail seemed inexplicable – its heavy brick pattern seeming unsupported. Yes, this fire-proof lining may have saved the cathedral from absolute ruin. Notre Dame […]

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New Tools to Explain old Newton Equations


One of history’s great geniuses, Isaac Newton (yes, the mathematician with the curly hair sitting under the apple tree), developed differential equations in the 1600s. But we aren’t all geniuses, so here’s the definition given in Differential Equations for Dummies (caution – this link downloads over 300 pages!) such equations “involve derivatives, which specify how […]

What use is my high school math?


This is a really good question and one that I was asked in class again today. A simple answer is, “Not much directly, but…” In a recent article on the same question, Angus McDougall, 25, a Sydney structural engineer, says he “wasn’t amazing” at maths during high school, but decided to study a bachelor of civil […]

Mathematics and Art – II


In this piece by Fernand Leger, called “Composition sur fond bleu” or “Compositon on blue background” we can clearly see his French roots grounded in an appreciation of Cubism. Leger first studied architecture but after his war time experience (WWII) he became obsessed with the beauty of precision engineering. You can see machinery quite clearly […]

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Maths Connections


What do Gollum, the new Olympic stadium that’s being built in London and the quest for sustainable energy have in common? Check this link for more details!

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