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Having fun in a knowledge economy!


“The NCAA men’s basketball tournament began last Thursday.  It is estimated that more than 60 million Americans have completed tournament brackets predicting the winners and losers.  Across the country, employees are spending workday time monitoring games, and discussing predictions and results with colleagues.  Many are waging bets.

According to one estimate, the cost of lost wages paid to unproductive and distracted employees could reach as high as $1.9 billion.  Stacked as one dollar bills, that amount would reach 129 miles into the sky, more than half the way to the International Space Station.  That’s a lot of money.”

Google 1However, does it really matter, so long as employees are enjoying their work in a “knowledge economy”? After all, look at how much fun Google employees have (below). With this much fun, who wants to stay at home?
Perhaps we need to change the environment in ourGoogle 2 maths classrooms?

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