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Math Equations Delay Flight


An Italian maths professor was recently escorted off an American Airlines flight after a fellow passenger Guidofeared his mysterious scribbling on a notepad was evidence that he was a terrorist. In fact Guido Menzio was working on an equation connected with a presentation on price-setting he was due to present. He was flying from Philadelphia to Syracuse to give a talk at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. He was solving a differential equation, but said he was told the woman thought he might be a terrorist because of what he was writing. But the sight of a slightly scruffy, curly-haired man scrawling odd symbols on a notepad was enough to alarm the woman who was sitting next to him. Mr Menzio, a highly respected academic who has also had spells at Princeton and Stanford universities, succeeded in convincing the authorities that his doodles were an equation. (source: Daily Telegraph)

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